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Hi there, I'm Dr Lauren

I’m a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a special interest in supporting mental health and neurodiversity, gut health, women's health,  pregnancy, post-partum care and musculoskeletal pain relief.

"Lauren is so knowledgeable, welcoming and provides you with a warm, nurturing space to fully experience the very best of her skills as a Chinese medicine practitioner. We are so lucky to have her in our community. Highly recommend".

Kathyrn, Central Vic

My experience & practice

After graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science in 2018 (Chinese Medicine), I volunteered at an integrative medical clinic in Nepal for 2 months where I treated over 550 patients with varied conditions. It remains one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Upon my return to Australia I worked with many well known and respected practitioners before opening my own clinics in Castlemaine and Coburg. Most recently I started a community acupuncture  clinic in central Victoria, inspired by my time in Nepal.

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I am a trauma informed practitioner with a rather unique style of practicing as  I bring aspects of psychoanalysis, coaching, meditation and embodied awareness into each treatment.

Treatments include oil massage and warming moxa (where appropriate), alongside acupuncture, cupping, gua sha and Chinese herbal formulas.


Private Health Rebates

Practice locations

The Acupuncture Palette
a 2 minute drive from Chewton post-office, address upon booking

The Acupuncture Palette practicing from Sa Vie Spa
44 Cameron Street Coburg 3058


What happens in a Chinese medicine treatment?


Initial consultation

During your first appointment you will be warmly greeted and invited to the treatment room. I will gather some information about your health history and current complaints. I will also feel your pulse and check your tongue. I will discuss a recommended treatment plan and then invite you onto the table for the treatment.



Acupuncture, an ancient technique, involves the insertion of ultra-thin metal needles into precise points on the body to promote the flow of Qi, aiming to restore equilibrium and wellness.

It operates on a cumulative basis, with each session contributing to the gradual restoration and rebalancing of the patient's energy flow.


Body work (Cupping, Gua Sha & Moxibustion)

Massage, cupping and Gua Sha are great tools in the Chinese medicine tool kit to help loosen the physical tissues of the body and move stagnant Qi. It can be a great addition to the start of a treatment to help a patient relax into their breath and open up their receptivity for healing and care.


Chinese herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is highly effective in addressing internal imbalances in areas such as digestion, mental health, gynecology, sleep disorders, skin conditions, energy levels, and allergies.

These imbalances often have a chronic nature and may require a dedicated period of herbal treatment to achieve lasting improvements.

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