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Pregnancy &Post natal care




The excitement of finding out you’re pregnant can soon be tainted by the varying degrees of pregnancy symptoms. Chinese Medicine is a safe and effective modality to ease uncomfortable pregnancy syndromes whilst also being an opportunity to relax in the sympathetic nervous system and allow the body and mind to unwind. When Mother is relaxed, baby is relaxed.


Chinese Medicine can help with the following:
 Support through miscarriage, miscarriage prevention
, morning sickness, anxiety
, edema
, fetus not Growing
, migraines/headaches
, heartburn, constipation, sciatica/back/hip pain, 
pelvic girdle pain,  carpal tunnel, high blood pressure
, thyroid issues, 
gestational diabetes
 and more.







"The post-partum period is an important season in a new Mothers life. It is said in Chinese folklore that the way a mother recovers and rests in her first forty days paves the way for her state of health for the rest of her life" – Heng Ou



The fourth trimester or "Zuo Yuezi" is the Chinese tradition of post-partum care – a health and wellness protocol for new mothers that begins as soon as she births and lasts for around forty days. Traditionally, mothers rest indoors for this period, eat warming and nourishing meals prepared by family and friends and take herbal medicine, remedies and receive massage to enhance healing and recovery after the marathon of childbirth.




Birth is considered the biggest drain of Essence or Jing - our energy reserve for life. After birth, blood volume decreases and there is a depletion of fluids/Yin especially if the mother is breastfeeding making it easy for Women to suffer from postpartum depletion. Childbirth and blood loss can also cause cold to lodge in the uterus and lead to menstrual irregularities, clots and pain to develop which is why it is imperative for all new Mothers to keep themselves warm and rested in the pivotal weeks after birth.  




The Postpartum Package

To ensure you get the most out of your fourth trimester, book in ahead of time and take a relaxing breath knowing your heart, health and healing is covered.


90 minute Sessions include:



Oil massage with cupping


*Mother Warming with moxa*

Mother Warming is a technique that uses the herb ‘Mugwort’ to warm various acupuncture points on the body. Moxa helps to facilitate recovery by warming and energising the Mother. It improves circulation, warms the channels and stops bleeding. It is generally administered on the abdomen.



A series of acupuncture points are used depending on the specific presentation of the Mother in order to bring balance to the body and as a preventative for other complications to arise.



Herbal formulas are individually prescribed depending on the presentation but usually include many Blood, Qi and Yin building herbs. Herbs can also be prescribed for enhancing breastmilk production, mastitis, preventing haemorrhoids and prolapse, postpartum anxiety and/or depression.  

*Diet & lifestyle*

Mother will receive plenty of diet and lifestyle advice in order to ensure a successful postpartum period and beyond.

Individual sessions or packages available. Please email for more information.

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