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Castlemaine Community Acupuncture Clinic

Community acupuncture differs from traditional one-on-one sessions, as it's conducted in a group setting where minimal skin exposure is required. Treatments mainly target front body areas and utilize distal points like legs, arms, hands, feet, and ears. Patients recline in comfortable chairs, drifting into relaxation for about 30-40 minutes. This approach mirrors the traditional Asian acupuncture practice. The aim is to maximise acupuncture accessibility in 30 minute blocks whilst also connecting community. There is a sense of connection that occurs when we  come together for collective healing.

Accessible, traditional and affordable acupuncture in the heart of Castlemaine, VIC


Clinic is open on the first Thursday night of the month

1/203 Barkers street Castlemaine from 6-8pm

Book your spot online here

If it's booked out online feel free to send me an email and I will try to fit you in OR just drop in.

What to wear?

Please wear loose fitting clothing as this is a fully clothed space. There are five comfortable couches for you to choose from. Bring earbuds or eye pillow if you would like to float off.



I also accept sliding scale donations for those that are experiencing financial difficulties.

Why Community

Dr Lauren's (TCM) journey to community acupuncture...

I was first introduced to community acupuncture about 7 years ago. I remember the first time I walked into the space and saw another 5 people sitting on couches next to the one I was about to sit on.  Initially I was nervous about talking about what was going on for me in front of others but after a while I realised the power of people overhearing each other's story.  I noticed that I didn’t feel alone but more connected.


'I have often heard clients remark at the end of their group session how important it was for them to have observed the improvement of others.'

Irvin D Yalom

When I volunteered at The Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal, I saw how a community acupuncture clinic could run well, and I saw how many people benefited each day. I was humbled by the conversations that were had whilst people had their acupuncture needles in. Some chose to engage, others chose to float away with their eyes closed. It was beautiful to witness

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