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This post partum package includes the 'Nourish the Mother' formula - suitable for people at all stages of their post partum from days to years after giving birth and a warming moxa stick and instructions.


Each package contains 80g of the highest quality organic/AAA herbs. One month supply.


NB : Herbs are not to be used if profusely sweating and moxa stick is not to be used if still bleeding heavily. If you have any further questions, please reach out.

Nourish Package

  • This herbal formula is made from the highest quality organic herbs, designed to rebuild, energise and strengthen the post partum body.


    Dang Gui and Bai Shao are potent blood tonics that also have a calming and pain relieving quality. Shu Di Huang enriches and astringes vital Yin/Fluids that are lost during the marathon of birth. Fu Ling & Bai Zhu strenghten digestion and support energy levels. Ren Shen (you may know this one as Gingsen) is a potent energy tonic. Chuan Xiong will help gently move stagnant blood, specifically for gynecological issues and Zhi Gan Cao is warming and harmonising.

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