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Chinese Medicine Wisdom For Summer

Updated: May 10

In five elemental theory, the season of Summer relates primarily to the heart, pericardium and also the small intestine. These organs are FIRE/YANG signs which means we need to do our best to keep ourselves balanced and not overheating during the warmer months.

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Summer is the time for expansion and extroversion. It’s a time to be outside, barefoot and immersed in nature. Fill yourselves up with early morning sunshine and spend time with people you love. Laugh a lot.

The emotion of the heart is joy however too much joy or over-excitement can actually affect the heart's function and leave us feeling anxious and jittery and may even cause insomnia, dream disturbed sleep or chest pain. If you notice yourself feeling that over excited/nervous energy, try to cool yourself down by using a cold compress, a cool shower, peppermint tea, eating some cucumber or drinking celery juice and focus on lengthening your exhale for a few minutes.

It's ideal that our diets change in Summer too. Pause the heavy stews and opt for light and simple foods. It is the perfect season to introduce some cool, yin foods into your diet. Here are some simple food ideas that tap into ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom for summer to keep your digestion and body feeling light.

1. Quinoa, rice or cous cous with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, rocket, silverbeet or avocado, all helping to keep the body cool in summer.

2. Drink more cooling beverages like peppermint and green tea, coconut water and keep in mind coffee and chai are quite hot and dehydrating in nature

3. Even when you get really hot, please avoid freezing cold foods and drinks straight out of the fridge or freezer, especially if you suffer from period pain/muscular pains - I promise it will make things worse!

4. Keep in mind that typical Aussie summer meals like barbecues with alcoholic beverages are very heating in nature and can add to summer heat symptoms - everything in moderation.

5. Hydrate. If you’re one of those people who forgets to drink, make sure you drop a couple of electrolytes in your bottle of glass in the morning.

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